Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today I and 8 other people at Paragon Studios were let go as part of restructuring. I was completely shocked by this. It's the first time I've ever lost a job outside of the whole studio collapsing. I've never been basically told we no longer need you here. Looking back over the past few years, I have an amazing amount of memories revolving around City of Heroes, Cryptic Studios, and Paragon. I'd like to share some of them.


  1. Been away for a while from Paragon... but I will have fond memories of that games always. Thanks for your presence and humor over the many moons. I really hope a great company as seen your work and appreciates it as much as we all have.

    Hope your New Years is a lot better than your halloween was >.<

  2. A little late, but sorry to hear that, BaBs.

    And no matter what company you end up at, or what game you're working on, you'll always be BaBs to me!

  3. I do not get it. Firing you is like firing a shot into their own foot. Seeing some of the things going lately with the game sets off alarm bells to me. Paragon firing one of their talented people baffles me to no end. Who is pulling the strings?

  4. Maybe you should not have messed up pvp then you might still have a job

  5. LOL @ Anonymous 1/25/11. Yes, BABs should have animated PVP better so that he didn't get laid off! That would have worked so well.

  6. Bit late posting but really sad to have seen you forced to leave the CoX family :(

    Hope you found yourself another job since it happened

  7. You are missed. I wish you'd posted some of your memories, but it looks like this space is a spider colony :(.

  8. Ultimus the AV SoloerAugust 18, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    Just heard about this, sad to see you have gone. Always enjoyed seeing you post and you did a lot for the game adding in the customization.

  9. Hey, I only just found out about this blog...
    As a player and forum-goer, I definitely miss you over at CoH. You added a great spirit to the community and, quite frankly, I always found your animation work to be superb. Everything we got back then just seemed RIGHT. That's not something everyone can pull off.
    Anyways... I can't believe it went down like that, but I hope you're busy doing something awesome now.
    I hope to be enjoying something you've done some work on in the future some time!
    Swing by my website and see if you like any of the music. I'd love to give back a little entertainment your way...
    If you even check this place any more, hehe.

    Best wishes to you!

  10. Your work on COH was great. I loved the game during that time. Thanks for your contributions and enthusiasm; they won't be forgotten.